Time for the broader Hindu community to speak up

DEAR Hindus,

The brutal murder of a poor Muslim labourer recently is not intended to terrorise Muslims, a community that is becoming immune to such threats after a series of targeted killings. In the last three odd years, they have seen many such killings by mobs and individuals in the name of Hinduism.

The real motive behind these killings is to terrorise you, Dear Hindus. Yes, don’t be surprised, Muslims are just a pawn — to add muscle and momentum to a specific political narrative.

For those who propagate the ideology of hate, their real enemy is the moderate, well-meaning Hindu who believes in the idea of India, an India that is home to 1.25 billion plus people of diverse faith, race, languages and appearance.

The idea is to force moderate Hindus to accept only one kind of India — a majoritarian bully that treats minorities as second class citizens and brutally tramples the rights of its own citizenry. Because a large number of Hindus disagree with this ideology, incidents like these are orchestrated to terrorise people into submission. To capture the nation and its institutions, the Right needs support of all Hindus — in layers of bureaucracy, judiciary, armed forces, police (a big section is already poisoned), media, academic community, artists, actors , technocrats, businessmen, etc.

A fictional enemy is created to rally public opinion and poison the minds of youngsters. In this case, a fear of Muslims forcibly taking away Hindu girls has been created. Almost the entire media, entire police force and a big section of judiciary have helped solidify this imaginative fear — that Hindu daughters are pursued by Muslim youths to convert them and boost population of Muslims.

Dear Hindus, in the last few years Muslims have been politically and socially marginalised, thanks to a systematic campaign. Their isolation is almost complete and beyond a point this community would have nothing to lose and nothing to fear. As you must have noticed, Muslim street reaction to such acts of barbarism is almost negligible.

Once the Right is done with Muslims, they will turn towards you, Dear Hindus.

It is only a matter of time before they start targeting Hindus on the basis of their linguistic, geographical identities. Anyone speaking or writing against them will be silenced through violence, coercion, or open threats. We have seen some isolated incidents where Hindu journalists and writers have been killed or attacked.

In a matter of a few years, my dear Hindus, the stranglehold of the Right over this nation will be complete and permanent.

Then, your India, our India, my dear Hindus, will be run by ideological cousins of Boko Haram.

Yours Sincerely

An Indian Muslim


—First published on Facebook wall of Bobby Naqvi, UAE Editor, Gulf News.


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